Discover Korra’s new Singles and Albums.


Discover Korra’s new Singles and Albums.


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VIBRATION Korra obidi (feat. VICTORIA Kimani) Two of West & East Africa’s most loved female entertainers Korra Obidi & Victoria Kimani, collaborate on this Afro-fusion track to create a holiday treat for the ears. Recorded and shot in Hollywood, California, this track’s theme borders on spreading love and blocking bad ‘VIBRATION’. Korra Obidi who recently …

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a new podcast with Korra Obidi. Nigerian Superstar and new mommy bears it all in her new Podcast, “Wine With Korra!” International Superstar, Instagram Influencer and Nigerian Princess, Korra Obidi Dean has had a very busy year! After marrying her husband Justin Dean, a Los Angeles based Chiropractor and health visionary, Korra gave birth this year …

Korra Obidi Dean performs on ‘So you think you can dance s16’ PREGNANT!

Nigerian Professional dancer and Musician Korra Obidi brought new meaning to the term “hot mama” Monday, when she showed up for her So You Think You Can Dance audition with a very pregnant belly — and never let the fact that she was dancing for two slow her down. “If I can just create a …


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